Drawing assistance for consulting engineers and architects in the building industry

Technical documentation – CAD drawings for electricity and HWST – 2D and 3D

I am mobile and work all over the country – also abroad.

Am I your new Partner?

Technical Designer Jonna Sørensen

Offers freelance drawing assistance for consulting engineers and architects in the building industry.

I have many years of experience co-operating with consulting engineers in the building industry.

Therefore I know all about the daily challenges, involved in managing building projects.

  • Time schedules which are exceeded.
  • Project design works which are paralysed due to absence.
  • Processes which are affected by unpredictable regulations or alterations in the building project design.

I offer, on a freelance basis, to be part of your team in the drawing office.

You will have numerous advantages employing a time limited resource such as me, who will contribute with engagement and whole hearted management of the drawing jobs.

We agree a fixed, hourly price – and I do not cost you any social expense. The only stipulation I have is that a CAD license is made available before I can commence work.

Am I your new partner?

You are welcome to contact me to hear more about how I can relieve your engineers or building constructors, so that you can gain time and the project design can be handed over as scheduled.

/Jonna Sørensen