Re. Jonna Sørensen

Freelance Technical Designer

When I am employed to work on a specific project design, it is my goal that I am ready to start-up within an hour. Being a freelance technical designer offers good,  professional  challenges  and exactly that variation means that I am always ready to see things with fresh eyes and be top motivated for each job.

With me an agreement is an agreement. You will experience that I take ownership, have a good portion of humour, think in a unified whole and am a solution, orientated team player. During our partnership I offer great respect for the project design works in question and contribute with a positive approach to get things to form a synthesis.

I am a qualified technical designer and furthermore have a background as a school teacher where I taught mathematics, Danish, biology, nature, wood work and sports. This has given me ballast in relation to communication and co-operation with other people.

In brief you will have a stable and effective partner

Who offers the following:

  • Technical designer to a high standard (AutoCad and MagiCad).
  • Good co-operation.
  • Stable and energetic.

You can see my CV here.

Expectations mean a lot to me, as I put emphasis on quality and keeping deadlines. My angle is absolutely structured and analytical.

You are welcome to have a look and see what my customers say.

If you would like to, we can connect with each other on LinkedIn.

Book me in good time

My customers live all over the country and the jobs vary in extent. It is therefore a good idea to contact me in good time. The earlier you envisage me in the planning of your project design the greater the chance that I am not booked up with another job.

Contact me here

Jonna Sørensen


Technical Designer Jonna Sørensen
The technical designer is the go between the architects, engineers, technicians and customers.