The customer says:

I want to have satisfied customers and do everything to relieve my customers and contribute to  the project design being finished on time.

Below, you can read what some of my partners say about our co-operation.

Jørgen Andersen, project design engineer at Rambøll, Køge.

”Jonna takes responsibility for carrying out a job from start to finish and is very constructive and investigates her work. This gives a fantastic and good, finished product.”

Lene Ahle Skoubo, previously Teknisk assistent at Midtconsult A/S, Herning

“I see Jonna as an especially hard-working and good draftsman, who very quickly familiarizes herself with a job. Furthermore she is an innovative and stabile employee with a ”Yes hat on”. As a colleague, Jonna is an interesting person who has experienced many exciting things in her life and is always ”on the move” and at the same time very pleasant to be with..”

You can see an extract of previous building project jobs here.


Jonna is very structured, effective and quick to acquaint herself with new jobs.

Jonna has a great sense of humour and is a good collegue and co-operative partner.


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